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Call us and let us get started on your project today. A TES project manager will work with you onsite to develop the best solution for chemical spills, remediation projects, chemical transfers, tank clean-outs and specialty cleaning services. We provide a no-charge written quote along with a detailed scope of work prior to performing the work. We stand behind our work to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the results!

Our staff is trained and experienced at solving highly technical environmental issues. Let TES get started today to help you stay in compliance and control costs. We offer a wide array of services to our clients:

  • Hazardous and Non Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Recycling of liquids, solids, and waste materials
  • Remediation of soil and groundwater
  • Industrial Cleaning of Tanks, Pipelines, and Process Areas
  • Confined Space Entry Cleaning and Waste Removal
  • Waste Sampling & Analytical Testing
  • Vacuum Truck Services for Waste Transport and Chemical Transfers
  • Roll-Off Box Rental
  • HAZMAT Transportation
  • Demolition
  • Facility Closures

Emergency Response

Trans-Environmental Services’ hazardous materials response team on standby 24/7/365. We can handle spills of all sizes quickly to minimize your exposure. Our team is prepared to respond to your location for the proper containment, cleanup and disposal of waste materials. Companies of all sizes trust us to manage critical situations in a cost-effective manner that protects the safety of your employees and our environment.

Haz-Mat Specialists

The TES team is ready to deploy experienced, 40-hour HAZWOPER trained experts to mitigate environmental issues. We have the right equipment, staff and expertise to handle a wide range of hazardous materials including oils, fuel, chemicals, PCBs and corrosive liquids. Every week TES is working in North Texas and Oklahoma on:

  • Chemical Spills
  • Over-The-Road Incidents
  • Punctured Lines
  • Tank Overflows
  • Leaking Containers
  • Saddle Tank Ruptures
  • Tanker Truck Rollovers
  • Crude Oil Spills

Emergency Response Vehicles

In addition to our trained experts we arrive onsite with our Emergency Response Vehicles fully equipped and capable of beginning work on most response contingencies. These vehicles are fully stocked and stand ready to respond to urgent calls for cleanup resulting from different types of chemical releases or spills. Each response vehicle carries air monitoring devices, supplied breathing air apparatus, emergency wash stations, hazmat response reference library, a wide array of personal protective equipment, containment supplies, and decontamination equipment.

When emergencies happen, we respond with the right people and equipment to contain, clean and carry away the waste involved so that you can return to business. Call us today and let us set up a plan for your company.


Trans-Environmental (TES) is one of the leading transportation companies specializing in hazardous waste and hazardous materials. We have the equipment to transport virtually any type of waste or hazardous material. Our trucks are satellite tracked to ensure we arrive exactly when you need us. We put our drivers through a rigorous training program including aspects of DOT as well as OSHA and EPA regulations. We carry the highest levels of automotive and pollution liability insurance coverage to minimize your liabilities and exposure.

Emergency Response Units

Emergency Response Units are fully equipped vehicles that stand ready to respond to urgent calls for cleanup resulting from chemical release or spill. These units carry air monitoring devices, supplied breathing air apparatus, emergency wash stations, reference library, a wide array of personal protective equipment, containment supplies, and decontamination equipment.

Enclosed Dry Van Trailers

Vans and Trailers of various sizes are available to handle containerized and other drummed waste products.  We have scheduled routes to pick up wastes to comply with a 90 day accumulation laws and several on reserve for emergency pickups.

Vacuum Tankers

Our vacuum tanker trucks are available to haul bulk liquid waste streams. Our fleet includes both black iron and stainless steel vessels ranging from 50 to 130 bbl capacity.

Vactors and Guzzlers

Our fleet of Vactors and Guzzlers vehicles are available for the removal of industrial liquids or solids. The use of interceptor boxes enables larger quantities of industrial solid wastes to be managed more efficiently.

Roll-Off Bins

TES has 20 cubic yard watertight bins rated for all toxic and hazardous wastes, each with a tarp to cover them. These we deliver to your business using our rocket launcher and double trailer trucks throughout our service area.

Flatbed Trailers

TES is capable of transporting oversized materials and vehicles on our flatbed trailers.  This equipment is often used on equipment decommissioning projects, remediation jobs, and to move large pieces of recyclable materials.


Trans-Environmental Services provides a variety of recycling and disposal options for virtually all types of regulated and hazardous waste. Below is a selection from the many different items that we are able to recycle.

E-Waste Recycling

Technology and innovation have been increasing at an astounding rate over the last several decades, creating a surplus of obsolete electronic devices. Let TES assist you in disposing of your E-waste, and we’ll handle everything from old servers and computers, to CRTs, printers, televisions, phone systems, appliances and all the wires and cables that accumulate over time.  We’ll help keep you in compliance, and remove the headache of handling these wastes, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most to your business.

Battery Recycling

Batteries of all sizes are considered Universal Waste by the federal government, with laws and guidelines in place for the proper management of this waste stream. TES takes an environmentally-sound approach to battery recycling that helps your organization reduce liability and administrative costs. TES will work with you and your team to assess and thoroughly understand the recycling requirements based on the types and quantities of batteries at your site.  We’ll help establish a collection and recycling program to recycle your batteries and maintain compliance.  Our training personnel can educate your staff on safe packaging and disposal, providing guidelines to ensure that battery shipments are delivered safely.

Universal Waste Recycling

Along with battery recycling, TES manages a variety of other universal waste streams for our customers, including bulbs and lamps, mercury containing devices, and some pesticides.  Of these waste streams, bulbs and lamps represent the greatest volume of waste generated by our customers. We can set up a recycling program for your firm, set up scheduled pickups and make the management of this waste simple and trouble free.

Site Remediation and Hazardous Waste Recycling Alternatives

We are proud of our commitment to the environment which begins with a conscious effort to find new uses for those products classified as “liquid and solid wastes”. We work diligently with our customers and laboratories to develop innovative methods for recycling and reusing discarded waste materials. In addition, we are proud of our complete reuse and remediation capabilities. Some examples of remediation waste recycling include water treatment options, qualified soil used as alternative daily cover at landfills, pulling out metal and other recyclable debris from demolition operations, and recycling oil from scrap machinery and pipelines.  We are unique among our peers in our ability to recycle a large portion of our waste, saving our customers money and long term liability.

Tire Recycling

Tires are among the largest and most problematic sources of waste, due to the large volume produced and their durability. It is estimated that 259 million tires are discarded annually (for years in the 1980s and 1990s). The same characteristics that make waste tires problematic, their cheap availability, bulk, and resilience, also make them attractive targets for recycling. Nonetheless more than half of used tires are simply burned for their fuel value. Approximately, one tire is discarded per person per year. We can assist in establishing a recycling program at your business, provide roll off containers for storage and transport, and train your staff on procedures for an effective tire recycling program.

Oily Water Treatment/Recycling

We are all reminded of the value of oil and water every time we fuel our vehicles or pay our water bill.  When mixed together they become an unwanted waste stream but separate them, and they can be re-refined, cleaned, filtered and turned back into two valuable resources.  Each drum of waste we process eliminates a drum of customer waste at a landfill and reduces their long term liability for that waste. The concept of recycling every available resource from waste is the core value at TES.  Our customers share this value and are reaping the savings from the wise management of their oil/water mixtures with our assistance.

Waste Oil Recycling

One of the best qualities of motor oil is that it never wears out. Recycling your used motor oil requires far less effort than pumping and refining crude oil.  Cleaning and recycling used motor oil can benefit you financially too, with reimbursements for your good quality oil when you take it to a certified recycling center. When TES collects your used oil for recycling, you are protecting the environment, conserving a valuable resource, and getting paid for it. That’s a winning combination!

Hazardous Waste Disposal 

Trans-Environmental Services (TES) provides a wide range of recycling, treatment and disposal options for all hazardous and regulated waste streams. Our customer-focused team can provide regulatory guidance and best practices for the management of your hazardous waste. We handle both hazardous and non-hazardous waste liquids, solids, and sludges and also provide lab pack service to consolidate miscellaneous hazardous waste streams for the most cost-effective disposal option. We utilize a network of EPA approved and permitted TSDFs so you have peace of mind knowing your waste was properly recycled or disposed of in accordance with all applicable regulations.

Industrial Cleaning

All of our work is performed in the safest, most cost effective and environmentally friendly manner possible. We provide you with a turnkey solution that includes the labor, equipment and experience to exceed your expectations. We offer the following services:

  • Tank, Sump and Clarifier Cleaning
  • Pipeline and Culvert Cleaning
  • Confined Space Entry
  • High-Pressure Washing
  • Waste Sampling & Analytical
  • Waste Water Disposal
  • Paint Booth Cleaning
  • Roll-Off Box Rental

Trans-Environmental Services (TES) has the experience combined with the right equipment to solve the most challenging industrial cleaning problems. We can help you with any technical project including confined space entry, projects requiring supplied air respirators and sophisticated rescue equipment.

Industrial Vacuum Service

We provide vacuum truck services to our clients in the industrial and commercial sectors as well as the oil & gas industry. Our trucks have over 3,000 gallons of capacity and large vacuum pumps to efficiently remove all hazardous or non-hazardous liquids, sludge and solids so they can be transported to a permitted disposal facility.

Environmental Remediation

TES is experienced at providing a full service solution to resolve any environmental concern. We have the equipment and experience to provide tank cleaning, contaminated soil excavation, demolition and confined space entry. If you would like more information, please request a quote or give us a call and a member of our staff will be happy to provide a no-obligation quote.

TES provides onsite project managers who will coordinate the cleanup and remediation of virtually any environmental concern. Our project managers are experienced with recommending cost effective options for your environmental project. We ensure your waste is managed in the most affordable and environmentally friendly way possible.

Lab Pack Services

When it’s time to clean or decommission your laboratory, hospital, school, medical facility or factory, TES has the experience and training to lab pack your chemicals correctly and efficiently.  We employ experienced, 40-hour HAZWOPER trained chemical experts to properly identify, consolidate and package chemicals for transportation to an EPA-permitted disposal facility. We have the equipment, staff and expertise to handle a wide range of hazardous wastes including reactive waste, volatiles, toxic chemicals, PCBs and corrosive liquids. By consolidating like chemicals together, we can significantly reduce the cost of disposal for small containers of laboratory reagents, chemicals, solutions, lecture cylinders as well as spent acids. We work with several large hospitals, school districts and universities in Texas and Oklahoma. Call today and let TES clean up your unused and unwanted chemical storage area.

Sampling & Analytical Services

TES has an experienced hazardous materials team available to provide sampling in accordance with EPA methods and protocol. We quickly deploy trained technicians to your location to properly sample, categorize and profile “unknown” or “suspect” materials. We are experienced at handling all types of laboratory waste, regulated waste and toxic substances. Our staff can provide you with analytical reports from NELAC or NELAP certified environmental laboratories for air, water and soil samples.